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Does anyone have an opinion on the best way to share a Clojure session using live share, specifically the best way for inline evaluations to be shown to other live share session participants?


I would be really interested in that too. Would make remote pairing very very interesting.


What is the event, @vcastro70? Are you asking about what services to use or more generally how to set things up and optimize the experience for the participants who are not “driving”?


More the latter. In our current setup when pairing the driver starts up its environment and connects to the repl. Then the repl port is shared through live share. Then other participants connect their own calva extensions (running in their vs code) to this shared port effectively connecting to the remote repl. The problem is that although anyone connected this way might evaluate code through this repl none of the other participants will see the output of such evaluation. It would be great if that output that is shown inline in the editor of the person doing the evaluation would be replicated in other participants editors too.


I think I have missed this live share thing totally. Sounds pretty cool. How does it compare to Party REPL?


dunno, I’m pretty newbie when it comes to clojure, but I’m going to check that next.


It seems to me that Party REPL is designed for a more specific use case: sharing the REPL and for that it might be better suited. Live share on the other hand e very nice to share ‘live’ access to code, in their environment and with their configuration. But there is nothing specific for sharing the REPL experience except the port sharing feature.


Reading up on live share now. I had totally missed it. Would be totally awesome if some people started to look at how to make Calva work well with it. I don’t have the bandwidth right now, but might have later.


That said, I’d be interested in joining a test session or two, to get to know what it is all about.


I’ll browse through the code to see how the evaluation results are shown on the editor and try to investigate how that kind of asset could be shared through live share.

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I can also try to promote that with our team if you are interested. Caveat: I’ll have to check if there are no legal impediments on that.


A test session not involving our client can for sure be arranged 😉


Yeah, a test session is probably best