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Perry Fraser20:04:23

Hey y’all. Is anyone else having issues with a NPE being thrown on (scope)?

Perry Fraser20:04:57

It seems to be happening if there’s no :max-buffers key in your config:

Perry Fraser20:04:41

And when I added that key I get a crap ton of repeating errors after running (buffer).


i've seen that error "foo is in module java.base of loader 'bootstrap'" in various places. it has to do with breaking changes in JDK 9+

Perry Fraser20:04:14

Yeah I’m on uhh… jdk 11

Perry Fraser20:04:29

I assume that would be it?


that's most likely part of the issue

Perry Fraser20:04:05

Hm. Is there any plan to update overtone to support newer jdks? The development seems pretty sparse currently.


it isn't clear to me who the current maintainers of overtone are


maybe worth filing a github issue just to start that conversation 🙂

Perry Fraser20:04:56

I assume this channel is just as dead?

Perry Fraser20:04:06

If so, I might as well. Otherwise, I’ll wait.


"dead" is a strong word. i would say there are a lot of people here who are really interested in overtone, but a conversation will start maybe every other week or so

Eric Ervin22:04:41

Good number of lurkers lurking.