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I tryied to delete my stack, as described here Then I got a permission error Now I'm "admin of aws" (once is undocumented which permissions I need) Tryied again to delete: DELETE_FAILED

Stack status reason
The following resource(s) failed to delete: [StorageF7F305E7]. 


I tryied again now my my-stack has now been deleted, but my-stack-Compute-XYZ still DELETE_FAILED Should I delete it? When I try to delete it, it ask-me if I want to delete 10+ things


I am running into problems with deployment of an ion app on my solo installation, and I am not really sure where to find what's wrong. The step ValidateService keeps timing out and all the log says is a bunch of [stdout]Received 000. The rollback also seems to fail.


Hi @U09MR0T5Y if you’re failing on ValidateService that is symptomatic of a timeout in loading your deps or your app that step. I’d be curious what changed between deployments that worked and this one? FYI Ion monitoring docs: Ion troubleshooting docs with known errors:


You’ll want to check your Cloudwatch logs and system logs for alerts. If anything was syntactically wrong you may see a syntax error in the system logs.


Thanks @U1QJACBUM for the quick response. I figured it out already, had an error in my code that didn't pop up when running it locally.


Ah cool! Usually that will error in the system logs too.


so you can see the syntax error.


it wasn't a syntax error I think, but I still hadn't found the root error. I'll dig around some more to get familiar.


in googling my error I found a clojurians log that had you give a nearly identical answer by the way 🙂


lol I copied it over 😉


so far I'm pretty happy to work with datomic ions, it was quite some work to get aws with cognito working with a clojurescript-spa+cloudfront+custom domain. But I'm almost there with all the authentication and configuring.


And once that is set-up I'll have an awesome dev set-up with a local running version to dev against, and minimal steps to deploy front-end and back-end 🙂


I found the logs for the specific lambdas on CloudWatch very helpful.


Now everything came together nicely: my oauth hosted-ui authorization flow is working and my cljs front-end is getting authorized data from datomic. I'm happy! Thanks again 🙂