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they can also be defined in a clj file


Could not make the static build to work unfortunately, it keeps crashing on me, I even compiled on an actually Amazon Ami without success...compilation seems to stop for some compilation error with GCC 7 of Red Hat


Great to see there’s activity around the aws runtime. I’ll see if I can get time to participate over the weekend!


I was very very excited to have it working and colleagues liked the idea 😁 Then we got the seg fault and we are now stuck ...spent my evening trying to make it work to no avail ...opened an issue..time to give up and sleep now 😴😴😁


Could it be that the node_modules that you are trying to use are not compiled on the Amazon AMI?


Does the SDK need compilation as well? If so, I didn't know that 😃


I’m not sure - I have used eg Sharp, which requires compilation on an Amazon AMI before it works in Lambda.


I actually thought that the aws sdk might already be available on Lambdas, but my tests show that, when using the current lumo runtime and no node_modules, while (js/require "fs") works in a lambda, (js/require "aws-sdk") does not


Regarding compilation, I guess it comes down to whether the node module is just pure js, or if has a native addon. I’m not sure how it is with the aws sdk.


If it /is/ the case with aws-sdk it might make perfect sense to do a layer that includes it.


Agree yes, and yes you need to add it explicitly. I will explore more


From what I can understand from the GitHub repo, it seems just a bunch of Js but I haven't explored each and every service


An alternative setup would be to keep it dynamic and copy the libs over maybe? Kind of like sandboxing it


I did manage to make a static build (I believe) via orig lumo-master on Mac, and subsequently use it together with the aws-sdk succesfully. I’m now trying to build lumo for AWS AMI via Docker, and if that ever succeeds, I’ll try running it in an AWS AMI docker container with an aws-sdk consuming script.


Oh nice, wonder why Mac succeeded. I found a Muslim container and I was going to try that today...maybe I am going to wait for your results first


Well, my experiment ended with the error you saw on Github 😕


And it’s extremely slow, running the compilation on a docker instance on a mac. A linux machine running Docker, or an EC2 instance would probably be a better env for iterating


I know right? that's why is good we don't duplicate work 😄

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I created a musl docker image in arichiardi/master today but I might be missing something, I could not compile still. My linking/headers/compile fu si rusty lumo


does anyone have a repo that has a good standalone setup with lumo scripts?


as in, a repo of scripts and any plumbing to use it on a personal machine