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Hey guys, Do this functionality work? or rather how can I use it appropriately to say run ClojureScript command on the REPL


To everyone experiencing the indexing issue with multiple projects (@wilkerlucio @manderson @ikitommi @jffry @polymeris @p-himik and others), I’ve filed this:

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Seeing this issue again (this time running 2019.1.2 Preview) It doesn't seem to have anything to do with having multiple projects open


(IDEA projects, I mean, I have multiple lein projects in that single IDEA project)


@polymeris Could you attach your log file to that YouTrack issue, please?


It’s unfortunately fairly vague, but hopefully they can investigate there. If anyone downgrades from 2019.1 and that fixes the problem that would be useful to know too.


@simon That doesn’t actually change the type of the REPL, i.e. what the REPL server is doing, it’s just a way of telling Cursive what sort of REPL is actually running. Usually with CLJS you’ll start a Clojure REPL and then start the CLJS REPL inside it, if Cursive doesn’t automatically detect that you’ve switched to a CLJS REPL you can use that dropdown to tell it.


Inside of the same REPL?! I would love to know how to do that. Usually I connect the CLJS REPL via remote, i.e. two instances of REPL, one local for CLJ and the other remote for CLJS.


Is there any way to inspect a complicated data structure in REPL? E.g. an XML zipper.


@p-himik Not out of the box now, no. There are things like data.inspect which pop up a swing browser, I have a plan to have something similar which opens a data structure in the IntelliJ UI, but there’s nothing there yet.


I see. Thanks!

Adrian Smith10:04:55

I have some source code in src/<my project name> I can right click it and press -> new, and it lists a lot of different files I could create in that directory but I can't create a new sub directory?

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what's the recommended way to create new directories in cursive?

Adrian Smith10:04:12

Seems like new -> package creates a new dir


@sfyire Yes, that’s a Java hangover

Adrian Smith11:04:35

ah thank you for the context


You can also create my.full.namespace from your src folder, and Cursive will create my/full/namespace for you.

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