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Hello folks, does anyone know what is that status of Grimoire ( It seems the latest version of clojure there is 1.9 and for example eduction has no examples, compared to a few at Is it dormant? @arrdem ?


I think it is. If there's someone who'd take up that work I'd be happy to incorporate it into cljdoc in one way or another.


That sounds as a fun and useful project :) My time is quite limited but perhaps I could help. Is the idea to have cljdoc as the ultimate docs site for libraries and Clojure itself, with examples and notes? Q2: why Grimoire and not whatever is behind clojuredocs?


So far most work has been put towards library documentation and not Clojure itself. There are docs for Clojure itself (it’s just a library in that sense) but it might make sense to provide a more adjusted UI like the one on


Perhaps that could also inform future improvements UI stuff for library documentation


IIRC Reid has mentioned in the past that he'd like to hand it off.