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Roberto Rodriguez Jr00:04:38

anyone close or in Georgia USA?


Probably, but I bet they have (nearly) all gone home for the weekend at this point and are away from their computers 🙂 Present company excepted 🙂


I'm West Coast -- and my partner's away for the weekend so I'm almost certain to be online late into the night because I have nothing better to do...

Roberto Rodriguez Jr00:04:09

well im gonna pick ur brain when i get home


Anyone doing the clojure game jam


*lisp game jam, rather

Roberto Rodriguez Jr01:04:01

im gonna google it cuz i never heard of it


So it's basically a self-motivated game jam (kind of like a hackathon) for 10 days. It encourages people (or groups of people) to flesh out a game jam in a lisp of their choosing.


@rob.rodz.jr9 there is a Clojure Meetup in Atlanta I used to attend when I lived there.

Phil Hunt15:04:51

I was reading about that earlier. Hypothesis, outsource deals will always tend that way due to the perverse incentives inherent in them.


I'm more blown away that Hertz didn't put a stop to it earlier


$32m dollars is an awful lot of money for a website. Even an ecosystem of websites that will span globally for a global brand

Phil Hunt18:04:25

Probably a bunch of system integration too.

Phil Hunt18:04:33

maybe some infrastructure

Phil Hunt18:04:26

one of the big issues I see with outsource deals is the long and ineffective feedback loops. So I'm not at all surprised it took so long for them to realise they had a disaster.


> I'm more blown away that Hertz didn't put a stop to it earlier According with the legal document, Hertz has no know-how also didn't put domain experts, mentioned as product owners, together within the development teams. Maybe this explain why took so long for them notice it.

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