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Re-frame Q: any thoughts on functions vs subscriptions? I know subs are more idiomatic, but you can just basically pass around db and get the stuff you need atomically as 'get-in' is so inexpensive in clojure.


@i.i.volkov if your problem is simple enough, sure. But as your application gets a little bit larger and more complicated, subscriptions are a useful for a few reasons (1) an efficiency layer ... if rendering depends on some aspect of app-db which hasn't changed then don't re-render (2) moves the computation of "materialised views` away from rendering code, etc.


Thanks! And in re-frame, can I inherit reactivity? I mean something like view-fn <- plain-boring-fn-inside-view-fn <- my-sub-inside-plain-boring-fn won’t trigger a rerendering of my view-fn that returns hiccup?


As long as you deref the subscription it will react to changes


Hey, coming from a React background I was wondering if there is a clojurescript equivalent to styled-components?


While we're on the topic, what are the preferred / most well-supported options for styling in the clojurescript community?


garden ( gets traction. What's lacking is a few frameworks (boot, material, semantic) transpiled to garden. Might be a nice antl4r project 🙂