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Anyone knows a cljsjs component for avatars/profile pictures? with upload


I've seen the material UI one but I would like to have a profile picture that lets you change it by clicking it. 🙂


I composed my own.


In a recent interview about WASM with Lin Clark and Till Schneidereit, they get into a discussion about sharing garbage collection semantics between a wasm hosted language and its embedding JS env. Till says: "there is a standardization effort underway to add GC support for some languages..." explaining how Go's built-in GC will not necessarily fit well. Then they get into talking about how ClojureScript will likely be a great fit for this new WASM GC integration, since it already speaks the same JS-GC semantics. -


The CLJS commentary is about 10 minutes into the interview.


Lin keeps saying that SharedArrayBuffers are still turned off in current browsers, but they've been back on for a few months AFAIAA


to the SPA developers out there, what's your typical file size for your cljs :optimization :advanced projects?