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@manutter51 @joelsanchez So previously keywords didn’t have any actual declaration, and you couldn’t navigate via them. Recently I added the concept of “defined keywords”, for things like spec and re-frame which define things using keywords more like vars.


So now you can either navigate or not, depending on how the keyword is used in your project. Find usages works either way.


@bfabry Thanks for the feedback, I’ll take a look. It’s hard, IntelliJ uses lots of keys already.


Thanks, that makes sense.


I am seeing that problem again when Cursive (it seems) will not delete a blank line when #? dispatchers are present (in a .cljc file). It seems to come and go — after enough fussing the file starts editing again. Until the next time. Are there any clues on this and how to get back to editing once it breaks?


is there a way to disable cursive/intellij index check when we focus in Intellij? If I just stay on the editor it works very fast, but every unfocus/focus seems to make it try to re-check things (like snapshots) and that happens way too often... is there a way to disable so I have to manually ask for refreshes? that would make my workflow way more efficient