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@thheller Not sure how far you are on the HUD, but I noticed that macro errors don’t show in the HUD (only at the CLI). It would also be nice to see the hot reload as an indicator like figwheel does as well…lets you know when you should expect a UI change. Sometimes you don’t know if you failed to make the change correctly, or if the thing is still compiling. A little more browser feedback would be really helpful. The compiler feels a lot more solid, but those little feedback bits really hurt the real-time experience for me (I have to leave a console open instead, which takes valuable screen space). As far as how the HUD looks: I think it’s fine. Yeah, it’s not as pretty as figwheel, but it’s just as useful (if macro errors showed up as well)


haha i like the kapow suggestion


planned on doing the tools.deps integration today


can maybe do some HUD work


[email protected] has experimental support for deps.edn. requires a very recent version and still has a couple problems but sort of works.


just add :deps {:aliases [:test :foo]} to shadow-cljs.edn if you want to try


will update docs later


i’ve started seeing things happening locally like this:

[2018-01-24 13:55:44 - WARNING] TCP Port 9630 in use.
[2018-01-24 13:55:44 - WARNING] TCP Port 9631 in use.
[2018-01-24 13:55:44 - WARNING] TCP Port 9632 in use.
[2018-01-24 13:55:44 - WARNING] TCP Port 9633 in use.
[2018-01-24 13:55:53 - WARNING] resources/public 8700 #error {
 :cause Address already in use
 [{:type java.lang.RuntimeException
   :message Address already in use
   :at [io.undertow.Undertow start 214]}
   :message Address already in use
   :at [ bind0 -2]}]


even when I’ve quit all existing processes as best as I can tell


just now I went into Activity Monitor and force quitting all the main processes seemed to work


it looks like one of the same issues we had on circle:

> shadow-cljs start; shadow-cljs clj-run;shadow-cljs watch browser;

shadow-cljs - config: /Users/MattPro/Documents/sites2017/web3/shadow-cljs.edn version: 2.0.142
shadow-cljs - server starting ..................................................................................... ready!
shadow-cljs - config: /Users/MattPro/Documents/sites2017/web3/shadow-cljs.edn version: 2.0.142
shadow-cljs - connected to server
shadow-cljs - socket connect failed, server process dead?
deleted pid file, please retry command to start new server


a command like shadow-cljs start; shadow-cljs clj-run _SOMETHING_; shadow-cljs watch browser seems to be problematic


and manually quitting processes becomes necessary


will look into it. maybe ; messes with the backgrounding of the process somehow


is that on linux?


$ shadow-cljs start; shadow-cljs clj-run; shadow-cljs watch npm
shadow-cljs - config: /Users/zilence/code/tmp/cljs-bg/shadow-cljs.edn version: 2.0.143
shadow-cljs - server starting ........................................... ready!
shadow-cljs - config: /Users/zilence/code/tmp/cljs-bg/shadow-cljs.edn version: 2.0.143
shadow-cljs - connected to server

shadow-cljs - config: /Users/zilence/code/tmp/cljs-bg/shadow-cljs.edn version: 2.0.143
shadow-cljs - connected to server
shadow-cljs - watching build :npm
[:npm] Configuring build.
[:npm] Compiling ...


same result on macOs and linux. no idea why any of it would fail.


@mhuebert I now have this reproduced in circleci


no idea what the cancel means yet but thats the issue I guess


looks like a circleci thing


from what I can tell the client just fails to connect to the tcp socket


when I run the build with ssl I can open the port just fine


got it to work it seems


no idea why the added curl fixes it and why that says App not ready. start should only return once the cli-repl.port exists which is written AFTER all the servers were started.


so it really doesn’t make sense to me what is going on

thheller17:01:52 without curl but still sleep 1 after start. I give up figuring out why this is required.


Sorry - was afk. The stuff I posted this morning was on my mac


@tony.kay just watched a bit of your fulcro workflow vid and couldn’t help but notice a lot of dead UI in intellij where figwheel is running. if you were to run shadow-cljs watch build in IntelliJ Terminal (or from REPL) in that place instead you’d get warnings there.


finished a few tweaks to the HUD too though. no Kapow! though.


thats my setup usually


HUD is nice too but mine needs work 😉


@mhuebert the only thing I can think of for your process issue is that something wipes out the target/shadow-cljs directory so you keep starting new instances since the old port info is gone. do you run lein clean or similar things by any chance?


@thheller I think an issue may be that processes are not being killed.


npx shadow-cljs start; npx shadow-cljs stop; => always adds a new process, doesn’t kill the last one

mhuebert23:01:42 is always reflecting the last process id created


all the .port files are deleted when I ctrl-c, but the file and process itself remain


i’m on mac os 10.13.2