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is there a easy way to ping all of 192.168.11.* and show all the ips that respond ?


no, but it looks like precisely what I need; thanks!


It would be something like fping -a -g


Nmap can also do this and is easy to install on most *nix machines

Arno Rossouw08:01:38

Is an excuse not to optimize a huge performance bottleneck, because "code is too complex", a valid argument?


Depends. Is it just "this code could run a lot faster but it's running fast enough for our purposes", or is it actually "this being slower than it could is causing us/our clients issues"?


Also "Is there any way to simplify this without it being so complex?"


Most of the time when we come up with a complex solution to a issue we do eventually get to a much easier to understand solution which is just as fast


Would be nice if slack showed a little bubble before each time I post, which mentioned a single summary of what the posting policy for the channel is.


Like in #jobs-discuss "Polcy: Anything goes" but for #jobs "Policy: Only announce jobs, or seekers announce"


@bherrmann In general, the channel topic (top of the app) and the channel details/purpose (information sidebar on the right) should provide exactly that information... (sometimes the topic is too short so you have to look at the purpose)


(and, yes, some channels definitely could do with better topics and/or purposes)