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@ljosa @dottedmag the inter-scandinavian job-marked is quite special. Eg as a Norwegian, working in Sweden is a no-brainer (and vice-versa). No visa, no nothing, as far as I remember.

aj taylor14:01:37

@mikeb I live in AZ and work remotely using cljs and clj. I do know that there is a company in Mesa as well that may end up hiring clojure/clojurescript devs in a couple of months. It’s a small startup called Rezyde


@slipset Sweden/Norway is EU/EEA. I was applying for a job residence permit as a 3rd-country national.


Yeah, but scandihoovia is even more than EU/EEA.


It’s similar to saying “Maine and New Hampshire New England is even more than USA” 😉


I know there’s Nordic Union, but it isn’t doing much nowadays, since all nordic countries are in EU/EEA.


Anyone here at HTC Global Services in Bloomington, IL? I'm in Springfield and had a couple questions.