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Hi all! I just added org.clojars.cvillesteele/lein-git-version plugin to my project and set its path to etc. This would mean that it'd generate a file with ~projectname.version namespace that contains various git info and put it in my ~projectroot/etc folder every time I launch lein $whatever from the shell. My problem with this is the fact that if I launch lein repl from terminal it starts, while it doesn't from cursive, which says Error reading /home/me/myproject/project.clj: etc/version.clj (No such file or directory). Does cursive have different $PATH than the default shell?


@cfleming in my case I guess the surrounding sexp. For example: (s/defn my-fn-with-schemas :- s/Int [param1 :- models/ComplexEntity] ...). If the caret is at the middle of ComplexEntity I want to use models/ComplexEntity so I can pretty print it in the repl.