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What does a following error message in Luminus mean: Parameter Mismatch: :type parameter data not found. Trying to find the cause for a friend that is having this problem but I am suspecting this has something to do with Luminus functionality.


Nobody have any idea? This is quite a blocker for me and can't come up with a solution.


@artur Not a solution, just in general, when I have a bug like this and I dont know any further, my next step is to try to make a minimal project that reproduces this. Most of the time I find the problem and the solution then


@artur don’t know if you’re still working on this, but I notice the url has “import” in it, the content-type is nil, and it’s complaining about missing data for the :type param. There’s probably more information if you click the last line of the call trace items in the left-hand pane, but I’d guess it’s complaining about trying to import a file and not having the content-type info needed to tell what kind of file it’s importing.


@artur actually looks like you might be missing a query parameter


see that you're passing in a map that contains all the keys you have specified for the columns you're inserting