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Is there a specific channel for looking for job information?


#jobs and #jobs-discuss




what's a realistic metric that a clojurian will be able to get a clj/cljs-related employment? I fear some sort of over expectation just to get hired, which prevents rapid adoption.


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Holy Moly I have been trying for several hours now to get selenium > 3 running. Now this is a mess, wow. Trying FireFoxDriver I get some obscure exception that it can not connect to localhost:someFooBarRandomPort. googling this leads to a github issue that was several miles long and closed without some obv. solution. Trying the chromedriver I get an exception that is weird too, but leads to some link that says you have to install some server. So you can not use your standard installed chrome, but have to use some other one provided by selenium. The page also has a link to the documentation on how to install that server, unluckily that link is down, *grmlaslkjfdwioejrknjasdfkljhasdflkjwerkwejrj Searching inside selenium also usually leads to some results for selenium 2.x and most adoption docs are for selenium 1.x to 2.x -.- Ok, who needs a UI, I know whats happening when a user clicks here and there. Testing is only to fixate my assumptions about my webui. Lets go with the htmlunit driver. Well, first there is only a htmlunit driver in v 2.52.0 but none in 3.0.1 which is the current version of selenium. So I tried to figure out if these versions work together at all. Again, no mention of htmlunit on the selenium site. Some googling leads to pages that say htmlunit did not work with selenium 3.0.0 but works with 3.0.1. Cool, lets start => Error refreshing environment: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/openqa/selenium/remote/SessionNotFoundException At least its the shortest error message, no need to scroll 500 lines of java stacktrace. Googling this leads to a few sites that add random java libs to provide that class on the classpath, but which did not work for me.


So this is the state of frontend testing? This is what everybody uses? I mean, this is what worked for me a year ago, when there was clj-webdriver (which became unmaintained in the last months and I fucking know now why) and selenium 2.x. Which was hard to get working, but at least googling solved all my issues back then by juggling random versions and apache commons libs together -.-


If the ex maintainer of clj-webdriver reads this, I raise my hat in front of you for providing such a good API around selenium for such a long time. I can not even remotely imagine what you have gone through.


I’ve only tried it a little bit in an experiment, so not used in anger yet, but I’ve found testcafe pretty easy to get up and running at least. One npm install and it worked.


@danieleneal thanks for the hint, but I have this code here (when (.contains project-description "npm") System/exit) :D:D


But more serious, I would like to stick with clojure / cljs for my testing, if possible.


If anyone is interested, these dependencies work with htmlunit:

[org.apache.httpcomponents/httpclient "4.5.2"]
[clj-webdriver "0.7.2"]
[org.seleniumhq.selenium/selenium-java "2.52.0"]

Geoffrey Gaillard22:01:26

@sveri Welcome to JavaLand, where the King Java rule with a silicon fist. By his wisdom he keep state hidden, and by his law the dependency graph must never be intelligible. He his a merciful king, as by his wisdom he provides us jobs for the upcoming decades… troll


By his grace, he keeps the language verbose, thus requiring more programmers and making them appear more productive line-of-code/day.


Hey guys,after having couple of discussions at work I started questioning my own beliefs where software industry is moving forward. I made this quick little survey. It will take just few minutes, if you can help me I would much appreciate it. I will post a link with result here if I get any response. Here is survey link. It’s anonymous