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I'm trying to use imenu via regex in emacs. It works fine inside .clj files; but does not work at all inside .org files. Now, my question is: while in org mode, how do I figure out what regex imenu is using to search for things?


okay, so in org-mode, I now have setup a hook to setup imenu-generic-expression


I can verify via C-h v in org mode that imenu-generic-expression is setup properly


however, it appears that helm-imenu is completely ignoring imenu-generic-expression and just doing its own things with org mode headings


how do I disable that and tell helm to use imenu-generic-expression instead of whatever org mode thing it's using?


org/imenu seems to only search through headings; is there a way to have org/imenu also search through code blocks ?


@qqq You might do something similar to this, but for code blocks:


does anyone have an example of how to modify refactor-nrepl configuration? I specifically want to turn off ns prefix-rewriting. EDIT: wait, i found the right thing to google, The prefix rewriting can be turned off by tweaking cljr-favor-prefix-notation.


Is there a built in emacs function that can align words into equal width columns via whitespaces only, so lets say that I have this region selected

10 200 3000 40000
1 2 3 4
10000 200 300 40
and a function that potentially wound transform it into
10    200 3000 40000
1     2   3    4
10000 200 300  40


@hlolli There's a command line utility called column that can do that. You can select the region and then type C-u M-| column -t.


If you're using Spacemacs (or vim), select the region and :!column -t


@beppu thanks for that! Not using spacemacs and cant see this function at a quick look. But there must be a synonimous function that I should look for. But for now I need sleep 😐