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Pablo Fernandez09:01:18

It’s a .boot file in a cljsjs package.


@pupeno I think that moving it into a source directory and symlinking it should help. Then if you add (in-ns ‘boot.user) at the top I think that should help as well.

Pablo Fernandez09:01:03

I marked it’s directory as a source directory.


Does the in-ns help?

Pablo Fernandez10:01:40

It didn’t make any difference in syntax highlighting or code formatting. Not sure about intelisense.


@pupeno That’s very strange. I’ll try to edit a file like this tomorrow.


Oh, one question - are you generating a project.clj as described here:

Pablo Fernandez10:01:19

It’s an unusual project. You can find plenty of examples here:

Pablo Fernandez10:01:28

@cfleming no, I wasn’t even aware of that.


Ok, in that case the problem is that you probably don’t have any deps in your project. Do you see any under External Dependencies in your project?


Could anybody tell me, please, where should I ask in order to obtain some support from the cursive devs?

Pablo Fernandez10:01:39

@vandr0iy here’s a good place to ask. there’s also a mailing list.


thanks; I asked yesterday either here and on github, but not on the mailing list yet...

Pablo Fernandez11:01:01

Also, stack overflow is a good place to ask questions in general.


yeah, well, I know, - but my issue is very cursive specific. Basically, I'm unable to start a REPL in cursive - while it works in shell - ever since I installed one particular leiningen plugin


@vandr0iy Sorry, I’ve been pretty busy today


I think someone else had that problem with that specific plugin a while back


Oh yeah, I remember the problem.


So that plugin invokes git, and it assumes that the CWD is that of the project. Cursive invokes lein in-process, so the CWD is incorrect, because Java does not allow the CWD of a running Java process to be changed.


Cursive does a lot of magic to make most things that rely on this to work (things like slurping version files in your project.clj etc), but there’s no way to make that work.


The plugin could be fixed, I believe there’s a dynamic var that it could use to work out the CWD it needs, and then it could set that on the git process it invokes.


@pupeno All those deps are from the JVM, they’re not Clojure ones. If you collapse the 1.8 entry do you have any more?

Pablo Fernandez11:01:31

@cfleming no, that’s all there is.


@cfleming well, I don't use that plugin in code, I can only configure it. So, what you're saying is that, if I just don't set up any custom directory location for the file it generates everything should work?


@vandr0iy I don’t think so, no - the problem is that that plugin runs git to get the version it should write into the project.clj from a git tag, right?


And git needs to be run in the project directory. The plugin assumes that CWD is the project directory, but that is not true under Cursive.


@pupeno If you manually add the boot jar to that project as a dep, that file will look nicer.


Sorry folks, I’ve got to get to bed.


@cfleming it runs git to get the version info - but it doesn't touch project.clj - instead it creates another file, called version.clj(or whatever you want to call it); which is the one that returns the error by not being found by cursive... also, the project I'm working on is quite particular, because its top level folder contains 2 projects in different languages (frontend and backend) which is also the git root, - and one of those 2 projects is the clojure project that has the cursive problem I mentioned before. So, the real issue is the fact that Git root is different from the project main directory?


@vandr0iy what happens if you specify an absolute path for the directory (`/home/me/myproject/etc` instead of etc)? Will it let you do that?


It doesn't work with a ~/myproject/etc, but it does with /home/me/myproject/etc @manutter51