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Really exciting to see people interested in adding clients that aren't written by me 😄


I'm just going to finish up my first blog post today, mainly aimed at people who don't get the concept of REPL based development right now. I'm calling it conversational software development though, a term I'm trying to use to describe Conjure's workflow and style.


I think dropping the "REPL" from the name of the development style frees it from the connotations of "it happens in a terminal".


Having a conversation with your program is the real magic.

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i think that the repl term does not necessarily help in clarifying matters. i like to think in terms of interactively shaping a running process (ofc setting it up is important too). i have found that thinking of things in terms of processes instead of only as programs was less confusing. since "program" can also refer to just one's source code.


for me, coming from a unixy background..I always think of myself having a conversation with my computer


so I like the concept of conversational software development :-)

Olical14:06:12 probably just stating the obvious to clojure peeps but thought it might come in handy for some people who haven't been able to grok what repl development actually means if they've only ever known "stop the world and start again"

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Great article 🙂


Thank you! I hope it helps introduce the uninitiated 😃


still reading it, but very much liking it so far. i think the "not having to restart" point is significant. i hope that we continue to see development along the lines of observing values.


one thing i compare part of the experience to is using a debugger -- the thing with traditional debuggers is that they tend to be very linear.