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I'm playing around in the clojurescript repo with cursive. I'm getting a repl up and running. To do so, I configured a clojure.main repl and then call (cli/main browser/repl-env) from the prompt there to get a cljs repl. I'm typing in some defrecords and cursive will auto import classes that will break my cljs repl. I've seen (import org.checkerframework.framework.qual.ImplicitFor) and (import cljs.externs_infer_tests.IFoo) pop up now and it destroys the state. Is there a way to turn these otherwise helpful imports and requires off or perhaps mark this more thoroughly as a cljs repl so that it doesn't attempt this?

Janne Sauvala19:06:30

Is that notebook support for Jupyter notebooks that you referring to? My guess is that only Python would work there


Am not sure I understand the question clearly, but it has Jupyter server configured to run on a Clojure kernel (in my case conda-clojupyter)

Janne Sauvala06:06:09

Didn’t know that conda-clojupyter existed, it looks cool! I’m not familiar with this setup so I don’t know if IDEA supports this. My assumption was that Jupyter notebooks would work only for Python code. 🙂