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Filipe Silva13:06:27

I was taking a look at devcards 0.2.7 and it fails to build with Shadow-CLJS

Filipe Silva13:06:11

but I'm sorta unsure if this is a configuration problem in my setup, maybe I should be providing that namespace somehow?

Filipe Silva13:06:26

it seems to be defined in it's deps.cljs

Filipe Silva13:06:28

 [{:file "devcards/js_libs/highlight.pack.js"
   :provides ["devcards-syntax-highlighter"]
   :global-exports {devcards-syntax-highlighter DevcardsSyntaxHighlighter}}
  {:file "devcards/js_libs/marked.min.js"
   :provides ["devcards-marked"]
   :global-exports {devcards-marked DevcardsMarked}}]
 :externs ["devcards/js_libs/highlight.ext.js"
 :npm-deps {"create-react-class" "15.6.3"
            "react" "16.13.1"
            "react-dom" "16.13.1"}}

Filipe Silva13:06:53

this is a fairly new release as well so maybe there was some misconfiguration there

Filipe Silva13:06:11

wondering if someone has ran into it, or knows what should be done


@filipematossilva answered in the devcards issue

Filipe Silva13:06:29

thank you @thheller, testing with that redirect

David Pham18:06:40

I added a comment on how you could hack a solution for 0.2.7 using some undocumented options from shadow-cljs.


Hi All, I’ve got a shadow-cljs project that builds and runs fine on my Mac but the dev-http server does not startup on an arch linux box. Has anyone seen this before and what do you recommend to tracking down the issue?


Things we’ve tried on the Linux box include: • Upgrading node to latest with pacman • Clearing node cache and reloading dependencies


node is not involved in :dev-http


what messages do you get on startup?


I can’t seem to get CSS reloading working. From everything I’ve read, there’s supposed to basically no configuration involved. I have reframe and 10x running, a sass compiler, absolute path to the CSS (include-css "/css/site.css") tried tinkering with :watch-dir "resources/public/" and :watch-dir "resources/public/css" / restarting shadow .etc. What else should I try ?


@jdkealy did you use re-frame-template?


So you have followed the instructions there?


Ah, thanks I see now.