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@codonnell Thanks, I'll try that. Can anyone give me the elevator pitch on using Spacemacs vs setting up Emacs+Evil on your own? What justifies buying in to Spacemacs?


My org-mode-ctrl-c-ctrl-c causes a

Symbol's function definition is void: org-outline-overlay-data


So, my org mode doesn’t really reload. If I kill the buffer and restart, it does work though


So, seems to be specific to the function invoked on org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c


Has anyone faced this before?


Most of the solutions center around “delete org and reinstall”


or “delete compiled files and restart emacs”


I can’t find a .elc with org-outline-overlay-data in it


Found! Ok, this worked


@robert.mather.rmm Emacs is arguably the most customisable Editor and allows you to create whatever you want, exactly how you want it. Your customisations are of course your responsibility. Spacemacs takes hundreds of years of collective experience in using Emacs and Evil and packages that up so it works with hundreds of Emacs packages. The community has a shared code base to help each other solve issues and adopt new features. Spacemacs is still as customisable as vanilla Emacs and many of those customisations are shared back to the project helping it grow with over 10,000 commits to the project. Oh, there are 20,000 stars on the GitHub repository if that is something relevant to you.


I like Spacemacs so much I wrote about on how I use it