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Am I the only one who's annoyed by the constant use of this gif -> aw_yeah

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Isn’t it just a little dancing person? I find it fun. But I am a bit on the immature side. simple_smile

eccentric J18:12:03

I think this is where it came from if that helps


it seems so immature and unnecessary

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didn't even know about that one -- am failing to figure out what it is supposed to represent


ignorance is bliss in this case perhaps?


will we start to have emoticon responses to emoticon responses?


It's "aw yeah".


yes, i got that from hovering -- it's the image that i'm clueless about 🙂

Drew Verlee20:12:49

Dude is dancing. Dont over think it!


lol, vaguely had a notion that it was even a human initially 🙂

eccentric J15:12:50

At least I understand the vibe that one expresses, I have no idea what feeling parrot is supposed to express. Is this parrot's head gyrations the cause of party? Or is the parrot infected with party fever? If your parrot started doing that would you think, "It's party time!" or "Oh no. I'm going to an emergency vet RIGHT NOW!"


that is one very excited parrot at the disco

eccentric J15:12:36

That just raises more questions. How did the parrot get to the disco? Does its owner know it's here? Are they okay or are they frantically searching around town for their rare, color-shifting parrot? Lastly, what kind of door service lets in a parrot? Why am I stuck paying the drink minimum plus cover charge to get in when they just let parrots in for free? Lastly, how big is this parrot and where is it in this disco? I hope it's not by the dance floor, the poor creature could get crushed! That would be a major mood killer trying to dance next to a crushed parrot.


Anyway, my point is that to me aw_yeah seems sexually suggestive, which irks me in a professional community like this one. It's not a big deal, I just wanted to see if others felt the same way, and maybe raise a bit of awareness.

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I've never taken that suggestion from it.


I see it as a little happy dancing person celebrating success.


anyone have an analogous larger image of what the character is supposed to be doing?


thanks -- totally lost on me 🙂

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nice detective work 🙂 (i like the sort of recursive aspect of the strip.) ah, a part of the strip was modified for the first image -- missed that too.

eccentric J19:12:41

Hah yeah, I like the recursive gag too. It's surprisingly clever! The strip is from 2011, not sure about the gif but my hunch is that it came after.

eccentric J18:12:57

I usually only see parrot used in the announcements channel for which the meaning escapes me. Typically it's like, "I worked 7 years to release this library to call statically linked functions from a new VM that surpasses all previous performance expectations which rivals native speeds!" and people are just like, "Yay party parrot?!" I've even reacted with it out of habit and I have no idea what I meant.

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and sheepy, don't forget about sheepy sheepy

eccentric J23:12:08

Never forget about sheepy sheepy


Without context, that image still comes up as “pelvic thrust” … which I find hard to dissociate from sexual connotations. I’ve had the same reaction as plexus when I see that reactji.

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aw_yeah has annoyed me in other slacks, because in the context of a conversation/discussion it can be interpreted as "eat it!" or something like that


Apparently parrot party is a cult

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@dominicm see thread above -- @jayzawrotny has traced it further back

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Ironically enough, the party parrot is actually more sexually suggestive: (source: I am from New Zealand, and Kakapo are famous here).

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The original Last Chance to See book is fantastic, BTW - one of my favourite books.


where's the emoji for the green sphere with the grin and the arms?


I’m sure the internet will provide if you ask it nicely.


yes -- though now that i've gone looking, i guess it's a us-centric (non-doug-adams-liked) thing:

eccentric J21:12:51

> The fat, flightless bird's main defense mechanism is to stand still, making it easy prey for rats, dogs, and short-tailed weasels :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:


unfortunately for its species, there aren't many left iiuc 😞

eccentric J21:12:15

I feel you 😭 It's very sad. Evolution has not been kind to that species but oh man, that is the worst combat instinct of any animal ever. That seems almost contrary to fight-or-flight.


It gets worse once you start reading about their reproductive cycle, which is basically designed to make sure there aren’t too many of them in an environment with no predators, which is where they evolved.


There are around 150 of them left, I think. The NZ Department of Conservation actually uses some really interesting tech trying to preserve them.


> At the core of the program this year are activity-tracking smart transmitters worn by every bird that loop around their wings like a backpack. Even without rangers spying in the woods, the system can report which kakapo have mated, with whom, and how vigorously, and sensors outside each nest send alerts when mothers come and go. Fertile eggs are removed from the nests and incubated in a dedicated room on each island to be hatched in captivity, while the mothers sit on 3D-printed smart eggs that make noise to prepare them for the return of fluff-ball chicks. Some hatchlings are being hand-reared to induce females to nest again this season. > A project recently sequenced the genome of every kakapo, so Digby is also performing artificial inseminations, taking semen from genetically important males and using a drone affectionately called the “cloacal courier” to fly it across the island to waiting females. (The cloaca is the cavity at the end of the reproductive, digestive, and urinary tracts.)


Actually, my information is out of date: > It’s official – for the first time in more than 70 years, the kākāpō population is a record 213 birds.

eccentric J23:12:37

😌 That's slightly uplifting


Admins can delete reactji, as I recall, but I think anyone can add them back again so... ¯\(ツ)


Same with welcome messages (which reminds me, I haven't checked those in a while...)


Oh, Slack removed the Loading Messages feature. Yay. That was an avenue for mischief...

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