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morning. Having fun thinking about core.async today. I'm going to read this and see how it affects what I do:


good morning!


good... morning?


this time of year in Berlin there is really no difference between morning, noon and evening. The sun is just continually almost setting from 9am to 4pm.


sun? What is this sun you speak of?

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Ben Hammond17:12:21

oooh that's a Narnia quote I feel coming on

Ben Hammond17:12:30

I'd always assumed that what where the Harry Potter mudblood phrase originated

Ben Hammond17:12:13

> Slowly and gravely the Witch repeated, "There is no sun." > > And they all said nothing. > > She repeated, in a softer and deeper voice. "There is no  sun ." > > After a pause, and after a struggle in their minds, all four of them said together. "You are right. There is no sun." It was such a relief to give in and say it.

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some weird blob of gas that is 1 AE away from us, it can shine quite bright.


@plexus Ulm people feel you


The sun? I’m happy I saw the moon yesterday / Swede


@kardan I learned this year that Dundee is north of some bits of southern Sweden. Those Berliners don't know what dark is. 😉


I’m in the Gothenburg (in the south) so relative not that bad. Think Dundee is fairly similar - but I might be off on that