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Hi all, I don't know if this is the right place to write this but - Given the recent new of becoming a paid service I was wondering if the Clojure community would like to/is already teaming up for having one Meetup group for all its events. In Vancouver the group is very small and nobody, myself included, has volunteered for sponsorship yet. Being one of the organizers I am looking for alternatives. Is anyone else here having the same problem?


LinkedIn announced what sounds like a similar service to Meetup. Not sure if there will be any charge, a la LinkedIn Premium.


@jr0cket linked an open source that's underway


(not here, in #clojure-uk)


a bunch of ruby meetups have been running on their own platform for years:


The FreeCodeCamp organisation is looking to build their own with no fees. If this does become a reality and popular then I may switch the London Clojurians site to it. At the moment we still get a steady flow of new members from meetup joining out community, so to me it's worth paying my own money for this service. Nothing has currently changed in pricing.


Great thank you folks plenty of alternatives there


If I just wanted a tool to manage events, there are lots of free options or you could build an event tool in ClojureScript and host it on GitHub pages for free. If it's for developers, you could even do something with GitHub actions. Theses are not as discoverable as, at least in my local area.