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@skuro how many routes and how long did it take?


about 30 of them and it took roughly one full day. but that's including me learning my ways around reitit since I never used it really, as well as migrating some mildly complex middleware setup (e.g. different middleware stack per dev / prod environment)


Hmm, so we have a bit more and also complex middlewares. So good indication, thanks! I’m asking because this is something that causes us a lot of boilerplate but is not annoying enough to spend the time. Sadly I realise this will take too much time.


I did the same thing with compojure-api -> yada, but that also had to do with better async. Good riddance of macro magic though.


Here's a nice diff off all the dependencies we could deprecate while doing so:

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Still I think compojure is a nice (simple as in easy) tool, especially for beginners. And clj-kondo understands has support for it 🙂