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Joe R. Smith03:12:02

Is it possible to set different symbol colors for macros and special forms (vs other symbols called in the function position)? Some other editors w/ clojure support do this (e.g., Atom + Clojure).


It’s not at the moment, no, although it’s not difficult to do. There’s an issue about that, but I can’t find it right now.

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not sure if it’s helpful, but I know you can do a special color for clojure.core symbols

Joe R. Smith12:12:55

I did find that, thanks. I was hoping for just special forms and macros.


@cfleming what's the status on getting javascript dependency interop to work when coding Clojurescript?


I’m actually investigating this at the moment, with a plan to do it very soon. I’m still unsure whether I’ll do it by integrating into IntelliJ’s JS interop or trying to extend my own. IntelliJ’s is clearly better, but will only be available in paid IntelliJ editions.


Hopefully Cursive should now be able to be installed in WebStorm, RubyMine etc with some fiddling, but I haven’t sat down and actually tried to do that yet.


An integration with IntelliJ’s JS interop would be great, but I understand that you want to support the community edition as well


hello, when doing a namespace that just forwards fn references (eg: (def some-fn other-ns/some-fn) ), is there a way to make cursive keep showing the arglist from other-ns/some-fn when refering to some-fn variable?


clojure.repl/doc doesn't correctly work either with that pattern You'd need potemkin import-vars or an equivalent impl

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@wilkerlucio correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't that work off var metadata?


although in that case I'd probably expect a def to carry those over

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)23:12:16

I have experienced repeatedly that Cursive cannot resolve many basic stuff such as defn, here example when I open a ns in a library. Why? How to fix? Thank you!


That can have a couple of causes. The most frequent is the indexes becoming corrupted, which can be fixed using File-&gt;Invalidate Caches and Restart.


Let me know if that doesn’t help.