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Hi. How to convert jsx to reagent code?

        <Navbar width={{ base: 300 }} height={500} p="xs">
          <Navbar.Section grow mt="xs">
            <MainLinks />
Navbar is passed as property instead of a child


does reagent.core/as-element works ?

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Hi. What do you use to merge javascript objects ?


Exactly same things you'd use in the JS world. I don't recall anything special for in in CLJS. For a manual way to do in CLJS, you can look up implementation of a private function clojurescript.core/extend-object!.


In js world I see ppl pulling lodash-merge. Thank you for pointing me to I didn't new I could use a doseq over a jsobj map and it would get pair of key/val. Last time I did a doseq over a js object, I've used js/Object.keys to loop over keys and a separate get to grab the value.


But you can also do it all via raw JS interop, there's no need in anything CLJS-specific at all. E.g., assuming all the properties that you want to handle are enumerable (as they are for plain JS objects), you can get what you want with a single call to


You're right. I saw assign but didn't use because of internet explorer. Let's use assign.


Yeah, IE has left some deep scars in many developers. :D

Muhammad Hamza Chippa20:06:25

Hi guys. I am trying to use tailwind css with clojurescript but unfortunately still unable to integrate it. I tried using this boilerplate but it is not detecting the dynamic classes such as w-[10px] or text-[red].


@mhamzachippa have you run the tailwind processor ? something like npm run postcss:watch