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Alexander Carls08:06:44

I am using a JavaScript library that re-binds this at runtime in order to access this from an object literal. Some quick searching let me to the this-as macro. However, this doesn't resolve with nbb.

Could not resolve symbol: this-as
I am new to Clojure, am I missing something here?


@xander.carls Unfortunately this-as isn't supported in nbb :( but if you show me your code, perhaps I can recommend a workaround

Alexander Carls09:06:41

Well, when trying to extract an example for you I found a workaround that works :) It was from this MarkDoc Library here: I thought that this.render is binding the fn and executing it in some context., however here it refers to the Symbol Heading. Passing a string "Heading" instead of this.renderworks.

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