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100% off-topic, but this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. It's the of brains. It's the of animals. It's "" as executed by evolution. (and a great example of just how platform-independent computation is 😁) via

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this is really cool thanks for sharing! it reminds me of the research Stephen Wolfram is doing - "In this computation universe of possible programs, it's actually pretty easy to get programs, where even though the program is simple, the behavior when you run the program is not simple at all" (

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Mateusz Mazurczak17:06:52

Wow, that's amazing, thank you very much for sharing!

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Drew Verlee03:06:50

Is there an equivalent to Java reflection in clojure? Or is it one of those ideas that In translation gets turned into something else entirely?


Java reflection works on everything in clojure


In spirit doing things like using resolve at runtime instead of letting the compiler resolve vars at compile time is reflection like

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idea: 1) when building throw an error if there are uncommited changes in git (datomic push does that) 2) put the current sha for example as metadata in the jar Has this been done?

Daniel Jomphe13:06:30

In Cognitect’s weekly Deref blog post this week or last week, a set of library updates was announced regarding this kind of thing. Let me know if you can’t find it, I’ll be able to point you to the lib next week. (Or browse #announcements of the last 2 weeks, you’ll find it there.)

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I need an icon for an open source project. Where do you folks look for, when you need one? I see so many interesting ideias (like babashka, joyride, etc) but I have no idea where to search...


The Noun Project is a great place to start; they are more generic, but can give you a jumping off point


Not sure where babashka and joyride get such awesome logos. It's not free, but I know you can get decently priced logos at If you search something like "ai logo", there are dozens of options at various price points that can get you something reasonable. I bought one for one of my projects, but I can't seem to find the link for the site I used 🤷 . If you do find a good option, I'd love to hear what you went with!