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Hi community! I’m just checking if anyone has any ideas about the problem that interface is a reserved word in ClojureScript. @imre and I have two different ideas that we have discussed in I’m not sure which one is the best, but I’m interesting to hear if you think you have a better idea (e.g. by making ifc or interface- the default) or what you think about the two suggested solutions.


Its a shame interface is reserved, I like the idea of a descriptive term, could we perhaps come up with something else that's not loaded, I started using ensemble but I wonder about something like exposed, I think a single override instead of a vector seems like a good decision as it keeps things consistent, but I feel like new projects should set a word that work for clojurescript by default, so new projects would have the keyword set but if its unset it falls back to interface perhaps. those are my thought on the subject anyway if that helps.


public seems like a very good option, says exactly what exists in the file 🙂