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@nbtheduke I notice that the coc-clojure which use a prompt do not work. Are you seeing the same? It shows up in the :CocInfo log, but that's it:

2022-06-18T09:08:46.719 INFO (pid:489007) [attach] - receive notification: runCommand [ 'lsp-clojure-add-import-to-namespace' ]
2022-06-18T09:08:50.656 INFO (pid:489007) [attach] - receive notification: showInfo []

Noah Bogart14:06:48

Uh oh! I did notice that yesterday when trying to do the “resolve macro as”, but then moved in instead of investigating lol. I’ll take a look tonight when I get back to my computer


Ok, thanks for the confirmation.

Noah Bogart14:08:38

looks like it was a problem with that version of coc.nvim. the newest release fixes the issue with pop-ups:

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