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Quick question. In clojure you can specify the print function for the repl by evaluating (clojure.main/repl :print clojure.pprint/pprint)) I can’t for the life of me find the clojurescript equivalent. I’ve tried (cljs.repl/repl :print cljs.pprint/pprint)) but cljs.repl/repl isn’t available. Any ideas? I’m just running the basic cljs repl from the webpack clojurescript tutorial.


I am trying to get a clojurescript environment set up on a macos machine. 1/Cursive seems not to be working with the latest IDEA: every Clojure keyword in a source file shows up as cannot be resolved . I was able to get a remote Cursive REPL to work with shadow-cljs. The REPL works fine, just the editing is off. 2/I've been trying to get CIDER working. Highlighting works fine, but every time I try to jack-in I get the message could not start nREPL server: env: node: no such file or directory. And yes I do have node set up and on the emacs exec path. Any suggestions as to where I can turn next? Thanks!


You might get responses sooner in the designated channels - #cursive and #cider


Thanks. I just found and joined those two channels. Perhaps another answer might be to give up on those and use another IDE/environment?


I'd say that giving up on the most popular choices just because one thing (potentially easily fixable) doesn't work is more probable to cause more problems in the long run. But if you really want to try something else, IIRC VSCode + Calva is the third most popular choice.


Thanks for the suggestion! I am stalled on those two at the moment, so glad to try VSCode + Calva in hopes of getting work done.


Also a couple of things you could try independently or together: - Downgrade IDEA - Update Cursive to one of the EAP versions (participation in the EAP program can be enabled in the settings)


So far VSCode + Calva is working well. Very very helpful! Thanks!! My Cursive version is 1.10.1-eap3-2020.3and downgrading IDEA might be possible but it could run in to trouble with other language plugins .. so I can/will do it if necessary.


Just in case - perhaps the issue you had with Cursive has been fixed: