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Could someone kindly point me to the location in the cider docs that discusses how to teach it that some macro acts like defn or def ? Using mount's defstate like (defstate foo :start (do-foo)) cider reports that foo is an unresolved symbol and puts the red squiggle underneath


Cider doesn't put unresolved symbol squiggles, that's usually clj-kondo (either standalone or through clojure-lsp). If it's indeed clj-kondo you're using, here's the docs for what you want:

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Ah many thanks, it is clj-kondo indeed. Sometimes it's difficult keeping track of what is doing what as an emacs neophyte.


I've used a config like this to popup the replon the right side.

            ("^\\*cider-repl" :quit nil :side right :size 70)))
In projects where I have two repls (clj and cljs) open, the normal split window isn't working. Is it possible to have both repls visible on the right with a horizontal split?


This looks like a Doom emacs specific config, you might want to ask on their discord server instead