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Morning everyone 👋 bugs bugs bugs today

Cris B00:02:33

Morning. For me today, judging by my last clojure-learning session: in which I comprehend for the 1000th time (at least) that I should pause to read more docs when learning new stuff. The urge to dive in and try to make something can be overwhelming.

Oliver George00:02:16

I feel your pain.

Oliver George00:02:20

I'm often reminded of a quote early in The Diamond Age where, from memory, an engineer is manually trying to fit things together in violation of the generally appreciated rule of doing the math / thinking it out.


I like to bounce: skim docs to get concepts, go build things, then bounce back to the docs when you think "oh maybe that thing would be useful"

Cris B21:02:42

@lsenjov I do that too. Still often feel a tension between reading in the sort of depth that (I know from experience) saves later frustration, and just writing code. Oddly, this has little to do with work-time pressure - same happens when (like now) I'm doing stuff for learning/pleasure. Quality of docs makes some difference here - if a language feature or library is poorly documented, then reading can be particularly unrewarding.