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alexmiller20:02:13 is now available • Add -version and --version options (same as java) • - Fix main-opts and jvm-opts word splitting on spaces (goodbye Corfield comma!) • - Use JAVA_CMD if set (thanks Gregor Middell!) • Add warning if :paths or :extra-paths refers to a directory outside the project root (in the future will become an error)

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Are you tired of web browsers pushing you around? Dictating your workflow? Requiring your tools to run in the browser rather than the other way around? Take control with, Clojure bindings for the Chromium Embedded Framework. * Embed an HTML5-compliant Web browser control in an existing native application. * Create a light-weight native “shell” application that hosts a user interface developed primarily using Web technologies. * Render Web content “off-screen” in applications that have their own custom drawing frameworks. * Act as a host for automated testing of existing Web properties and applications. All from the comfort of your local repl. Act now, and get an absolutely free!

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Apache2 License terms and conditions may apply. Mac OSX only. Incorrect usage may crash your jvm.

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