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I am trying to get a clojurescript environment set up on a macos machine. I've been trying to get CIDER working. Highlighting works fine, but every time I try to jack-in I get the message could not start nREPL server: env: node: no such file or directory. And yes I do have node set up and on the emacs exec path. Any suggestions? Thanks!


CIDER doesn't know your setup in advance, so you might have to give it some help. This will depend on whether you're using Leiningen, deps.edn, shadow-cljs, or some combination. You might have to post more details to get good advice.


Also, Clojurescript REPLs are a bit more difficult to get started with than Clojure REPLs.


shadow-cljs in this case. I was able to connect to the REPL from Cursive/IDEA (though I other problems with that setup), and had no trouble with VSCode + Calva.


1. Emacs installed with homebrew, and CIDER with the usual packages-install etc. 2. Shadow-cljs project that has been working fine from the command like / browser so far. Any other details I can provide? Thanks much!


Sounds like a good start :thumbsup: I'm no expert in this. But under the hood, CIDER/Calva/Cursive run a normal command that starts up the REPL. I'd start by finding out what that command actually is. You should probably be able to find that from the Calva / Shadow-CLJS docs, or you might get a straight answer in #calva šŸ™‚


I'd like to bind a key to run my mount (restart) function in my user ns but from any clj buffer (not just the active repl). Is this possible, how might I achieve that?

Michaƫl Salihi14:02:49

@ramblurr You can setup hooks in an .dir-locals.el Emacs project file. See the doc : You can also find one of my example repo set up like that.


You can insert into repl (user/restart) and it would do what you need. Also that^

Michaƫl Salihi14:02:59

My repo use Integrant not Mount but you get the idea. šŸ˜‰

Michaƫl Salihi14:02:00

After that you can use cider-ns-refresh keyboard shortcut. For me on Spacemacs: , e n r