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For anyone with some time to spare and a heart beating for the newcomers to Clojure or to Calva. you can help me test. Here’s the relevant documentation page (outdated now, since I have changed my mind about some things while testing this, but still the spirit of the change should shine through).


For comments on the guides. I’m not sure how to collect those in an efficient way. For now, use this issue that @U01NAG0N7FS started:


I just posted this question in #reveal, but I’m not sure if it fits better over here, so I’m posting a link over here, hoping that someone recognizes my issue…


Do you get the error also if you don’t use the middleware?


No when I use the dep-only version from the calva doc then I don’t get these errors.


I’m starting to suspect the Java version that I’m using. I’m using AdoptOpenJDK 8, and it seems with AdoptOpenJDK 11 it works better. I’ll test a bit more.


There a keyboard shortcut for tapping. So maybe the deps-only option could work pretty well?


Mostly curious. I haven’t quite figured out reveal myself, so have no idea how it is best used. 😃