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Is it bad practice to subscribe from inside a computation function in reg-sub? I’m trying to figure out how to materialize relationships but I don’t have the nested data until the computation function.


You probably want reg-sub-raw then


new blog post on re-frame and firebase: which talks about signal functions and limited use of re-frame app-db. feedback welcome 🙂


hi, in some cases i can see in traces that subscription run in each tick, even if there are no changes in app-db, why it might happen ? so it seems like subscription is broken and it just run on each tick


hm interesting if i hot reload and clear cache it won't be run anymore


ok it seems like subscription is used in event handler


and at some point its broken and started to run on each tick


It's not broken, it's just not cached.


but why is it run on each tick ?


I don't know what your code is exactly so I cannot answer that. Perhaps that event handler is called on each tick, perhaps something else.


Alternatively, you might be right and there might be some bug. But again, I can't say anything without having an MRE.


I also often need a snack before debugging a problem 😀


I already had breakfast. :)


Huh, it's been quite some time since I heard "MRE" used in a meal-related context.


yes sure, thanks

Clément Ronzon16:02:46

Hey Guys! Happy Fried-day! I was facing an conflict issue in my project and I'd like to have your input on the way I resolved it. # The problem In my project I had the tim-v interceptor registered globally:

(re-frame/reg-global-interceptor trim-v)
This is handy because it makes the event handlers registration less verbose. For instance:
 (fn [_ [prop]]
   {:dispatch {::some-event prop}}))
This was working perfectly until I had to use the cool re-pressed library. This library registers event handlers the way one would if trim-v wouldn't intercept the event. For instance:
 (fn [_ [_ event-type]]
   {::keyboard-event {:event-type event-type}}))
That's where the conflict happens, because of trim-v the event-type is actually passed as the first element in the second parameter of that handler and is consequently ignored. # My solution to that problem I wrote a custom reg-global-interceptor that checks if the namespace of the event is within a whitelist, in which case it will apply the interceptor, otherwise it won't.
(defonce ns-whitelist #{"foo" "bar"})

(defn- event-is-whitelisted
  "Returns true if the event is in the namespace white list"
  [whitelist context]
  (contains? whitelist (-> context
                           (get-coeffect :original-event)
                           (split #"[\./]")

(defn- get-whitelisted-int
  "Executes the interceptor only if the scope falls in the whitelist"
  [whitelist interceptor]
  (let [{:keys [id before after]} interceptor
        whitelisted (partial event-is-whitelisted whitelist)]
      :id id
      :before #(if (and (some? before) (whitelisted %)) (before %) %)
      :after #(if (and (some? after) (whitelisted %)) (after %) %))))

(defn- reg-global-interceptor
  "Delimits the scope of the interceptor"
  (re-frame/reg-global-interceptor (get-whitelisted-int ns-whitelist interceptor)))
# Some thoughts This adds a good amount of additional computing and I am not sure how to solve that problem in a more efficient way. Thanks in advance for your help please answer in a thread


In this code block:

 (fn [_ [_ event-type]]
   {::keyboard-event {:event-type event-type}}))
why not replace [_ event-type] with just [event-type]?

Clément Ronzon17:02:07

Because this code is from re-pressed which is an external project/dependency:


I see. In general, I don't think that it's a good idea to use event-modifying interceptors globally. In my projects, I have a custom versions of reg-event-* functions that inject that interceptor automatically. kee-frame does it as well, for example.

Clément Ronzon17:02:09

Good point! This means that my problem is due to a bad pattern/design. Maybe it'd be good to mention exactly what you just wrote in re-frame's documentation about interceptors? :)


Perhaps - you can always open an issue an submit a PR. :)

Clément Ronzon17:02:48

But I would steal those lovely words from you 😄 I'll try, thank you @U2FRKM4TW!!


I consider all my community activities to be under the CC license. :) NP!

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