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Drew Verlee01:03:03

Really enjoyed this episode, I would love to hear more about web design. I have always thought that the ideal mental model for client server was a the client is a cache. what need is easy to model the full interaction between syncing that data. E.g what to show what the user it's loading, load size, etc... I didn't know about sente, how have people used that? Could you just have something read the datomic transaction log and stream updates to the client?


@drewverlee glad to hear you enjoyed the episode. What parts of web design would you like to hear more about?


I totally agree that clients should bear more of the computational burden than they do in most apps. I only used Sente briefly in a toy app, but my idea was to use it to stream updates to the client caches in the browser. I bet you could do the same with datomic if you had a worthy bit of receiving code in the browser. Might be too much data, the hard part is deciding what data should be on the client. Oh, and access control. Heh.

Drew Verlee21:03:57

Personally hearing more about reactive options is fascinating. I feel like one reason it's hard is because our mental models and tools don't let us isolate issues. Code about queries and networks is all mixed up.


Another amazing episode, @nate !! Was thunderstruck by your description of Sente. At times, it feels like all I do is write boilerplate code between cljs/re-frame and clj/ring. And deal with unexpected ring exception handling, CORS inconsistencies across chrome/safari... I’m ready to try Sente out!!! Thank you!!!


@genekim that's great, glad to hear it. Please let me know how it goes for you, I'm very curious


Haha. Even with only one endpoint (taking :op and :args, to reduce boilerplate), it still left me feeling “there has GOT to be a better way!!” Eager to research this!! @nate Will definitely keep you posted. For your amusement: reading the Sente docs left me scratching my head, which is what I think you were alluding to. But I’m motivated to keep going!!


haha, yeah. I remember it being a bit tricky to get going, but once it is, it's a wonder