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Marc O'Morain14:03:19

I just got my first error like this in a CI build:

test/circle/db/test_mongo_metrics.clj:1:1: error: Found an opening ( with no matching )
test/circle/db/test_mongo_metrics.clj:248:1: error: Expected a ) to match ( from line 1

😝 12

Thinking out loud, could something like this be caused by BOM?


More likely a typo.

Marc O'Morain10:03:17

It was fun - kondo found an unused :import - it was the only import in the ns form, so i removed the whole :import form.

Marc O'Morain10:03:56

But I accidentally removed the trailing ) which left the ns form open (no closing paren)

Marc O'Morain10:03:46

So the col 1 line 1 refers to the opening paren of the ns form.