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Hi every one I'm completely new to emacs, spacemacs, even vim and linux I'm trying to do my daily work in spacemacs, that's JavaScript and react I have a few questions: 1. Why all documentations is based on users that have all these knowledge? 2. For example for configuring js-mode there's a package import-js that can be used. Should I install the npm package or install the package from spacemacs? What else should be done?


Each programming language has a layer with documentation for any configuration, although usually very little or no additional config is required. It is highly recommended that you use the Spacemacs develop branch. Try the Gitter chat for a wider range of people to help. This channel is predominantly focused on using Clojure with Spacemacs.


The most up to date info for any layer is always in the Spacemacs GitHub repository It seems a lot of languages are moving to a Language Server Protocol tooling, so that maybe something new you need to learn, but it should be covered in the Readme file of each layer.


I also have an online book that may help you learn Spacemacs. It's partly about Clojure, but there are a lot of general topics covered, especially learning vim