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Loved this week’s episode, too. Two comments: 1 - I’d love to hear an episode on socket connection management. Right now I assume you’d pass creds or some sort of identifier as a param. I’d love your thoughts. 2 - Have you tried Haslett ( for client side connections? I’ve found it to be the only one that “just works” for me. Sente only appears to work when it’s serving its own client where Haslett works with different origin servers. I needed this when I used an AWS lambda as a backend and served a client from S3.


@markbastian awesome, glad you enjoyed it. We use Haslett and it's been very reliable for us. As far as socket connection management, do you mean from a routing point of view or more of a permissions perspective?


Ah, maybe Haslett is the one you said in your podcast. Sorry, my hearing isn’t great and I couldn’t quite understand the name of the library you said in the episode. Regarding connection management, I mean the correct management of the mapping of users to connections. Thinks like keeping track of who is connected and making sure they only have one connection (if desired) and reconnecting to the same client if the are disconnected. A concrete example would be a 4 player online game. What’s a canonical way to know who is connected, make sure they can’t have many concurrent connections (and cheat), and reconnecting them if they drop for some reason and need to reconnect. I’m assuming some sort of auth mechanism over the socket but I haven’t done this myself yet.


cool, thanks for adding more detail, sounds like a good topic for discussion

Cris B20:03:39

Hi guys. Newcomer to the podcast (and clojure) here. I've been making my way through some back episodes and am really enjoying them (thanks). I have a question - don't know if it merits an episode or just a comment here: have any specific Clojure (or other) code bases influenced your thinking on functional design? Both in the small (function internals, idioms) and the large (choice of abstractions, code organisation, app plumbing etc). I'm admittedly looking for specific recommendations on code bases to read through, but also interested in the general notion of reading high quality code for insight (it's something I like to do when learning a new language).