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Cris B02:03:28

What does s-o mean in a keybinding? That's a lower-case s (`S-o` wouldn't make a lot of sense)

Cris B02:03:11

(Never mind, found it: super-o)


Yeah, that’s definitely a bit confusing, but those keybindings are pretty popular on macOS. One has to find a good use for that Command key. 🙂

Cris B07:03:59

Sure - as it happens only right-super- combinations seem to get through to emacs (gui or term) on my (Linux) system so I prefer to avoid them. Which is fine anyway as the super ('windows') key is so differently positioned between my internal (laptop) & external keyboards, it's confusing to my poor inflexible efferent nerves.


When I was using Linux I never made use of s-something keybindings, but I’ve developed a fondness for them in macOS.

Cris B07:03:25

I've gone the other way (I've been told I'm doing it backwards as with so much else in life). Hey - aren't you the Prelude/Cider guy? If so I'll take the opportunity to thank you for both! I've known enough emacs to use it for server bits & pieces for years (er, decades). But it's playing with Clojure + Cider that made me reconsider it for actual programming, and Prelude that has kept me from throwing emacs out of the window in configuration-frustration.


Guilty as charged! Thanks for the kind words! :man-bowing:


In a age dominated by sophisticated setups (e.g. Spacemacs and Doom) it’s nice to hear that someone still appreciates the simplicity of a setup like Prelude that aims to stay as closes as possible to the roots of Emacs.

Cris B08:03:04

Prelude seemed like a good compromise. On the one hand it offers enough so I can get started on my aim (learning some Clojure) without procrastinating too much over tool configuration (always a temptation). On the other hand not obscuring emacs per se too much. I did try out Spacemacs briefly, and it seemed impressive, but overwrought for my own purpose/style.


I too appreciate the "sane defaults" -approach of Prelude. It has made getting into Emacs and building a configuration of my liking reasonably straightforward.