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I saw some discussion here earlier but wanted to reiterate - if you can - stay home. We're entering a critical time where we have the highest numbers of asymptomatic/mildly symptomatic carriers, and uninfected people with no immunity. Seeing the numbers now, they are trending just as they did in Italy, and that is a chilling thought. Please - again - if you can, stay home.

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The scary thing is, because of the incubation period, even if you stay at home now, it will have effect on the numbers on two weeks only. I fear in the Netherlands we were to late with taking appropriate measures. By Thursday we might have a shortage on hospital beds. Also we had a 16 year old that had to go to ic, so even if your not old it might be dangerous.


Here's the first of a very interesting series of short videos on the 1918 flu pandemic, VERY relevant and informative:


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For all the espresso lovers out there, my guide to making it at home:


The company I've been working for has decided to give free access to DocSearch, a search and analytics tool for medical literature. It's mostly Clojure(Script).

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@borkdude Given your use of Rust for analyze-reify, could you comment on the experience vs Clojure?


It's comparing apples and oranges. Rust's goals are different than Clojure's. And I've only been looking at Rust for a week or three, so I can't really give you any well experienced insights yet. The way I see it now: Clojure: high level power. Rust: low level power (build for performance, squeeze the most out of your machine using a language that is more safe than C++ or C).

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I'm just watching this talk about the trade-offs / values that Rusts makes / has:


You don't have a repl in rust, most errors will be found by the compiler. But the rust ecosystem is really young compared to Clojure, especially because the is no easy Java or c/c++ interop. So if you want a real service it could be parts are missing in rust. Also libraries tend to be less high level then in Clojure. For example to use Kafka from Rust you need to write a lot more then when using Kafka with Clojure.


I don't see Clojure and Rust as competitors, more as complementary languages.