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Hi there. Recently, some friends were trying to make a Clojure implementation for a different runtime... Then I remembered babaska and SCI. Would it be easier to star a new implementation using the parser / macro expander, etc of sci or bb, or am I waaaay off-track? Because starting a new implementation based on Clojure source code seems so much work...


I think they were trying to migrate to dart. Some were trying to experiment with wasm or Python too


@mauricio.szabo Nowadays you can use sci from C / C++ / Rust, etc. That's the closest thing I can think of of using sci from those kinds of envs


@borkdude well, to be honest, I was thinking on the reverse direction: to use sci / babaska to generate core (or bytecode) on other envs :)


I guess you could take sci as an example, but it's an interpreter, not a compiler. Maybe Clojure itself comes closer. "Just" generate machine code instead of JVM byte code 😛


I don't think it's usable for that purpose as is.


is anyone else interested in file watcher functionality in bb?


i am but the last time i looked into filewatcher stuff based on jvm-ish things i didn't find something that worked well on 3 platforns.


might wanna add that to the issue


could you try the script in the issue on Windows if you have such env within reach?