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Just want to make author(s) of pathom happy 🙂 Thank you man. You are doing really good job. I just started to play with this, but it looks very promising. It has potential to be one of my favorite.

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kwladyka18:03:42 my humble suggestion for the doc: search option in the doc is have to!


agreed, just didn't had the time to prioritize yet, if you are feeling brave on how to add, I'm happy to take PR's :)


Do you prefer to use with pathom plurlar or singular functions? So get-shop and make many queries in request or get-shops and use collection in response?


depends on the backing datasource, if you can’t write a batch resolver, just write a singular one, but prefer batch for N+1 query reasons


I think I can do whatever I want. But the choice is hard 🙂