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Good Morning Everyone!


+1 for pass… I used it exclusively for a long time, after migrating away from a home rolled greasemonkey/bookmarklet solution that would hash/hmac my master password against the sites domain… I migrated from it because of other creds such as banks wanting two sets… sudo passwords etc… Now using pass + 1password — because some shared creds are kept there.

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I use pass with password-mode in emacs


i like supergenpass , although i've got msecure as well for other stuff which isn't just passwords and those dumb websites which reject my 30 random alphanum passwords because they don't have a punctuation symbol


I use the super secure "correct horse battery staple" password for all my things

Ben Hammond10:10:54

oh I use am I stuck in the past?

Ben Hammond10:10:19

(that was mainly chosen because of the Bruce Schneier connection) (oh and it supports YubiKey)


for 2fa, what's the advantage of yubikey over, say, authy on my phone ?


• less likely to loose/have stolen keys then phone • you can have a backup one at home • no need to type in codes


Yubikey is less hackable than your phone (e.g. Exploits or updates)

Ben Hammond10:10:15

easier to carry?

Alex Young10:10:20

It works without batteries, and it's (probably) on your keyring where it's marginally less likely to get lost

Ben Hammond10:10:50

it stays plugged in, and you can yank it out when you finish work


and can you 2fa into a mobile app with a yubikey ?


via usb for TOTP or NFC for all kinds

Ben Hammond10:10:41

Yubikey holding my ssh credentials iworks quite well for me


I think you can only store 2096 bits SSH keys, for longer keys you need GPG keys, which means replacing ssh-agent with gpg-agent. I ended up giving up on storing my keys on yubikey

Ben Hammond10:10:53

There's nfc on some

Ben Hammond10:10:13

but I can't say I've bothered to get it working

Alex Young10:10:17

Not tried it, but I suspect plugging it in via the appropriate adapter would Just Work


My yubikey has been through the wash and being exposed to my kid and survived


I use nfc with my phone


You know what I would wish, as the sim swap fraud is on the rise, if my mobile operator would put a lock on account, i.e., to swap sims, unless a passprhase is given by me


Mine went through the washing machine

Ben Hammond14:10:47

you rescued it before the tumble drier?

Ben Hammond14:10:02

I imagine that might be a harsher test


I've heard you can clean a rubber dome keyboard by putting it in the dishwasher (as long as you don't heat it)


anyone knows in clojure.core.match I can have guard patterns across two matched values?

(match [state event]
       [{:limit x}
        {:amount y} :guard (< x y)]  (do-something x y)) 


Without wanting to open a political can of worms, are there any "uk citizen" folks in here who work for (or do work for on a contract basis), European companies? If so, have you figured out what hoops you'll need to jump through post-brexit? Asking for a friend 😉


There is Brexit guidance on but it’s a bit non-specific, because, well no one knows as of yet. They’ve been good at updating it over time though, so you might want to keep an eye there. has extensive information on requirements from the EU side when selling services to the EU. This guidance is also possibly helpful, Long story short, you probably have to register for and pay VAT under UK rules, but you may need to register for VAT in the EU country you’re selling to too. No one knows yet.


That's amazing. Thankyou @UAEFFG05B!