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TIL about #clojure-europe 😄

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Welcome! :hugging_face:

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This place is amazing to have when you're occasionally forced to work from home for ~2 years.

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Morning! View from my morning run.

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well, ❤️ to you too @U04V5VAUN


Good morning

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These cows are spending a few weeks in a field at the bottom of our road. Lots of feelings about these beauties.


Always liked the cows at my grandparents farm, so gentle and calm


yeah, was about to write that looking at them induces a sense of calm in you


Yes they are so sweet. The holes in their sides are healing. Contemplating their future is awkward.

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From my run this morning!

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so many runners in this channel


running = brain juice!

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Vines, olives and pine trees... I just love the Mediterranean.


It’s pretty amazing. I hope to go to Italy and sample the amazing surroundings and awesome food when my son’s old enough to travel.


This sounds silly! Why go to Italy when you could go to France? 😎


Why not both!?


(I'm joking. Tuscany is one of the areas I've most enjoyed).


Italy is higher up on my wishlist. I just find it more appealing, from my limited knowledge. + my girlfriend used to go there with her parents (who still go there almost every year)


Gotcha. You want things to get progressively better, so Italy 1st and France later. Makes sense.


We have small pockets atm, so if we can even afford to go, it’ll probably be Italy. Got plans to buy a house, so travel plans are mostly dreams.


i bet the air is delicious


What I love most about pine forests.



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I'm not there, but I figured when y'all post pictures, I'll just post a random one from a country I like 😛 😆 😂

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was just about to say, you are insanely lucky to be there right now


this is the Rick Roll of photos :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:


this place is on my bucket list


What does it look like where you are, @U04V15CAJ?


Not too bad actually. This is the view from my apartment.

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I agree! Waterways are almost always a plus 🙂


This is just outside (I live along a railroad as you can see)


Looks great! How do you find the noise from the railroad? I don't think I could live with it.


We only hear it with the windows open, it's very well isolated

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The noise from the scooters on the bike lane are much worse than the trains


I also live along this "bike highway" which is parallel to the rail road:


Also it's just a 10 minute walk into beautiful city centre of Amersfoort where I have my daily espresso How I see it: I have the benefits of a garden (park next door) without doing any gardening, the benefits of a nice (medieval) city center on walking distance, without the crowds (since it's not near my house), nature is close by (per bike or train) for walking/hiking. I'm pretty satisfied with this place ;)

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I usually work from some coffee place in the afternoon too, to break my work from home routine


we have a similar thing going... i love being able to walk/run/cycle out the door straight into nature


I wouldn't say I'm directly near to nature, but when we want, we can get there relatively easy


Good morning. I am so tired. I'm not sure if it's the heatwave or the week. But I'm pooped.


if it doesn't help, do another one. (loop [] (recur)) until it does help


speaking from recent experience, i was also feeling just totally sapped. started getting extra sleep every day. it took nearly a week but it worked, i felt a ton better


I really struggle to get to sleep for a nap. I'm more unfocused than sleepy.


it can be allergies too — or ilness


Or not eating enough.


audiobooks @U09LZR36F, they put me to sleep instantly


I recommend a Late Stone Age archaeology manual. All those commented pots and rocks put you to sleep instantly.


Also, a bit of cardio in the day.


Good Morning ☺️


Hope to be running soon, feeling almost normal, just don't smell anything. Can't wait to start running again.


Might want to not start too soon though... Pushing through seems to be something that can cause long covid. Seen some advice recently to basically be a sloth for 4 to 6 weeks after.


Didn't really look into it yet. But did hear I should not be to fast up. But I hoped one week without symptoms would be enough. Four weeks seems like a long time..


Found several things saying kind of the same. Build up slow, and wait at least 10 days from the positive test. Makes sense, it's really something else.


Yeah your milage may vary etc, and I know how frustrating it is not to be able to exercise when you want to get back into it, but having it drag on for potentially years is such a terrifying prospect...


Hopefully you haven't been affected as much as I, but recovery from most levels of infection is challenging. The challenging part is that you may feel totally fine during the exercise and it's tempting to push yourself, but 1-2 days later you may decline rapidly. This has happened to me many times through 2021 and to a lesser extent this year. Sticking to a slowly incremental exercise plan should help a lot, but they maybe times your body decides it's not going to work well for a day or three anyway Drink about 15-20 more water than you would and eat more food that fights inflammation (usually green leafy veg - kale, spinach or broccoli) I am up to about 40% of what I used to do, after taking 6 months off work and mostly walking. I can now cycle 50-60km with only an occasional intense headache after wards. Hopefully I'll back to 100% by summer 2023


Sorry to hear that. I've been really sick just 3 days. But normally I don't have any headaches at all. I did had it a bit on the first day. But hearing you sometimes have an intense headache after exercise sounds scary. I'll do nothing for another week, then start with some walking.


Thanks. Symptoms will vary between people and even for the same person on different weeks. Hopefully you won't have the experiences I've had, but just be prepared to back off exercise if you do (but don't stop all together, that's just as bad). It's all very confusing and very hard to judge, so I've just learned to adapt. I found briskly walking is a very good and low impact activity, especially building up to maintaining a heart rate of 110-120. It's also useful way to stretch and strengthen my legs for cycling (and I assume running) Good luck


We did a half hour walk two days back, with my heart rate just 80. But my heart rate used to be quite low. Interesting to see my rest heart rate being almost normal already.


I usually have a resting hear rate of 50-60. Brisk walking takes it over a 100 (partly because I have more than 10kg in extra weight for not being able to exercise much last year). For the last 6 months I've been trying to do an hour a day, initially at a slower pace and slowly building up to average more than 100 heatrate. I've not managed every day, but at least 4 days a week. Starting to do over 110 heart rate average, but probably better to take it a little easier and do every day. It's a never ending experiment.


Mine is usually 45, higher last week due to Covid.


I did get an blood oxygen monitor and it was useful to see when that was low. There were a few times it was a little on the low side, i.e 92-94% But those were the days I was feeling too exhaust to do anything but rest from the moment I woke It doesn't seem like that's something you need though


My new watch does have something like a blood oxygen monitor, not sure how well it works.


If the watch says your blood oxygen is 97-99% and you do not feel tired, then the watch monitor is probably working. If blood oxygen is showing lower than 95 regularly and you're feeling fine. It's probably not working. If it's 95% or less and your tired/exhausted most of the time, then it means your watch monitor is working (and you should rest - maybe practice some breathing to help raise your oxygen levels).


Took some time to understand how it's working, it's 97% now.


Awesome. I find my oxygen levels were 95-96% in the morning, when first waking up and usually went up to 97-99 during the day (or as I became more active - at least on good days)

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Just have the watch, a forerunner 955 a few days. One of the reasons I'm eager to start to exercise again. But hopefully it's also helpful for knowing when I'm recovered after exercise. Before I had a Vivoactive 3 music, which has a lot less options.


Recording my activities has helped with my motivation. I push activities from my trackers to Strava and Google Fit I've got a Garmin Vioactive HR (about 8 years old) that does heart rate and basic activity stats for walking. I have a Garmin 1030 for cycling (in case I get lost in the middle of nowhere) that can use the heart rate from the watch or from a heart rate monitor strap. I mainly use heart rate to let Garmin tell me how much recovery time I need (although I used to ignore that time, especially when training before Covid, which even then wasn't a good idea)


I was working out about 3-4 times a week and going for long walk before Covid. Also in a program to move enough, where you earn a reward each week you reach the goal. This watch also comes with full map support + suggestions for running workouts, which were the most important improvements to upgrade.

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I am happy if meet the World Health Organisation minimum exercise goals 😂 Although, I am being more regular with cycling, but still a long way to go