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REPL driven development in acme!

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Martynas Maciulevičius10:06:13

Does a JVM run on Plan9? Is this Clojure? I think Clojure can't run on Golang so it's not Golang VM :thinking_face:


This is just Clojure, yes, but running on macOS, not plan 9:


on the right, I am just running a clojure socket REPL inside acme's terminal emulator


on the left, I am piping commands to the REPL (this can be made a bit nicer, by just selecting text and clicking with middle click, instead of having to click the nc ... script at the top), but I wanted to illustrate how this editor can support the REPL-driven workflow using no specially written extensions, or anything at all, just UNIX tools and programs that compose well together


this is really neat. It looks like rich comment forms and the like could be used to store expressions that get piped over with clicks. This has me thinking about a more mouse-driven way of interacting with forms and the REPL, which would be quite cool to explore further as the extant tooling is very text and keyboard-centric.


@UFTRLDZEW yeah, it definitely lends itself well to this style of working. This is a good video if you want to see more of what it's capable of


> so it's not Golang VM Golang doesn't have a VM FYI

Martynas Maciulevičius06:06:13

> Golang doesn't have a VM FYI Yes but if we would implement Clojure there we would either need to make a VM or compile everything in advance :thinking_face: And people were trying to do something like that but something was too much.


Ya, the issue is Go is very static right now, so you wouldn't be able to have any sort of eval and that means no REPL, and that means it's not super interesting as a platform to build a Clojure over unless you go interpreted, but then it wouldn't be as performant.